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Plane Specs

Length: 14.45 m (47.41 ft.)
Width: 8.13 m (26.67 ft.)
Height: 4.06 m (13.31 ft.)
Weight: 4,410 kg (9,722 lbs.)
Powerplant: 2 x General Electric J85-GE21 turbojet engines with afterburner
Maximum Speed: 1,734 km/h (1,077 mph)
Maximum Range: 2,483 km (1,543 mi)
Service Ceiling: 15,790 m (28,700 ft.)

Development of the Northrop F-5 Tiger II began in 1954 after a Northrop team toured Asia and Europe to examine the defense needs of SEATO and NATO countries. In 1955, a company design study for a lightweight supersonic fighter aircraft that would be easily maintained, relatively inexpensive, and capable of operating out of shorter runways was conducted. On August 9, 1962, the Department of Defense gave this newly designed aircraft the official designation of the F-5A Freedom Fighter. Optimized for an air-to-ground role.

The Northrop F-5 Tiger II Fighter aircraft retained many of the qualities that made its predecessor, the F-5A Freedom Fighter, such global success. This model featured two General Electric J85-21/21A series engines with 5,000-thrust output. The service ceiling was increased to 51,800 feet and the range was improved to 1,543 miles. To accommodate the new powerplants, the fuselage was enlarged and lengthened, and extra stores of internal fuel were increased to help the operational range. The avionics of the F-5 were upgraded to the Emerson Electric AN/APQ-152 series radar and maneuverability was enhanced thanks to the addition of leading edge extensions along the wings. The original twin M39 cannons were originally retained from the F-5A, but upgraded to the M39A2 series after the ordnance load was increased.

Numerous update programs were created to keep this incredibly important warplane viable in today’s modern world. These upgrades offer a mix of new avionics and structural refurbishment of the airframe. Under license, this aircraft has been assembled in Taiwan and South Korea, and remains in widespread service in Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Yemen, as well as with the United States Marine Corps and United States Navy.

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