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A mortar is defined as a device that fires projectiles at low velocities to short ranges. Mortars have traditionally been used as weapons for propelling mortar bombs in ballistic trajectories with high arches. These weapons typically have a short smoothbore barrel, that is generally less than 15 times its caliber, and are muzzle loading. Mortars may also be used for the firing of non-weapons, such as deploying ballistic parachutes. This application has included the deployment of drogue parachutes in preparation for the water landing of the Gemini, Mercury, and Apollo space capsules.

Relatively simple to operate, a modern mortar consists of a tube in which assistant gunners drop the bomb; the tube is generally set at an angle ranging between 45 and 85 degrees to the round. The bomb has no cartridge case and a small baseline charge. When it reaches the tube’s base, the bomb hits a fixed firing pin that detonates the baseline charge to fire the projectile.

The mortar’s attributes contrast with its larger siblings, including howitzers and field guns, which fire shells at longer rangers with higher velocities and flatter arcs, sometimes using direct fire. While most mortars are muzzle-loaded, these larger weapons are breech-loaded. Modern mortars and their ammunition are generally much lighter and smaller than artillery weapons. In fact, they are considered to be light weapons, or capable of transport by personnel without any assistance from vehicles. They are designed for short-range use and are generally more effective than artillery for targets within their short range. Heavy mortars are typically between 120mm and 300mm in caliber. These types of weapons are usually towed or are vehicle-mounted and are normally employed by infantry units. Even at this heavier size, mortars are easier to operate and may be more cost-effective that comparable field guns.

The following are examples of mortars that are available through UDC USA:

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