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Mortar Specs

Barrel Length: 650mm
Weight: Total – 7.2 kg, Barrel – 3.2 kg, Breech – 0.9 kg, Baseplate – 1.9 kg, Sight/Handle – 1.1 kg
Caliber: 60mm
Rate of Fire: 12 rpm
Maximum Effective Range: 2100 m (1.3 mi)

Better known as the “patrol mortar,” the M-4 is a lightweight 60mm commando mortar that is manufactured by Denel Land Systems. It uses the M-61 series of bombs in smoke, high explosive, illumination, and practice versions. As with other mortars of this type, the M-4 commando mortar is intended for rapid use over short ranges as fire support.

This mortar is operated via a lanyard trigger mechanism in the breech that allows it to be carried while loaded with a bomb – this is unlike most other mortars, which use firing pins. The M-4 commando lacks a bipod, which means that is may not be quite as accurate as a conventional mortar.

The sighting system of the M-4 commando is incorporated into the handle and consists of two curved spirit levels – one to indicate when it is in the upright lateral plane and the other to indicate the range with a charge table. When being used a night, the sight is illuminated by beta lights.

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