UDC - Ultra Defense Corp
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Logistics, Maintenance and Supply

UDC defense logistics specialists bring years of knowledge and experience managing and delivering foreign/non-standard weapons and ammunition, accessories, and parts to CONUS and OCONUS locations in support of the US Government and our allies around the world.

A Global Footprint

Our extensive defense system supply gives UDC a global footprint. Our key personnel have secured close relationships and formal approval to procure Soviet designed weapons and ammunition from throughout the European supply base.

  • Non-standard aviation spare parts supply and overhaul services
  • Land based, airborne, and crew served weapon systems
  • Wide range of Direct and Indirect Fire Ammunition Spare parts and logistics support
  • NATO/Warsaw Pact weapon system adaptations and conversions for artillery and mortar systems
  • Formal Approval with Foreign Governments for access to weapons and ammunition manufacturing base
  • State Department and ATF registered/licensed

Artillery & Ammo

Our staff has been intimately involved in artillery weapon and ammunition qualification and support programs for standard and non-standard artillery weapon systems. Our key personnel are world leaders in engineering modifications and system improvements that have resulted in the successful fielding of weapon and ammunition systems currently used in the US inventory.

  • Key leadership from US 120mm Mortar System qualification
  • Experienced In-Country D-30 Howitzer Artillery Trainers and Mentors
  • Delivery and program support of over 300 Universal Ballistic Computers for Howitzers
  • Proven design assistances for conversion of traditional ammunition to insensitive munitions compliant solutions
  • Complete system integration management staff in the US and overseas
  • Proven rapid fielding of indirect weapon systems, Basic Issue Items, and support structure
  • Engineering knowledge and past performance for 120mm mortar and D-30 howitzer improvements

Foreign Threat Systems

UDC is an exclusive provider of systems, subsystems, and related military equipment that represent Foreign Threats Systems ranging from fully mission capable weapon systems to non-operational ancillary components. Foreign Threat systems include T-72 Tanks, BMP Fighting Systems, D-20 Howitzers, SA-8 Surface-to-air missile systems.

  • T-72 Tanks
  • BMP Fighting Vehicles
  • D-20 Howitzers
  • SA-8 Surface-to-air missile systems

UDC currently holds a Foreign Threat Systems Blanket Purchasing Agreement (BPA) with the US Government for providing fully mission capable and/or non-operational ancillary components.

Vehicles, Powertrains & Spare Parts

Equipped with manufacturing facilities in the US and overseas, UDC has the strategic presence, key personnel, and industry expertise to successfully source and deliver new manufacturing, repair, refurbishment, and overhauled foreign military vehicle parts.

  • T-60 Tank
  • M1 MBT
  • T-72 MBT
  • MT-LB
  • SA-6
  • 2S1 System
  • ZSU-23-4
  • HEMTT Trucks
  • M-900 Trucks
  • M-35 Trucks
  • FMTV Trucks
  • ZIL Trucks
  • URAL Trucks
  • KRAZ Trucks
  • P-40 Trucks
  • MAZ Trucks

Partnering with only certified OEMs and qualified sources throughout Europe has always ensured our parts meet all form, fit, and performance requirements of the original Soviet designers and manufacturers. Our full time employees overseas are true subject matter experts, having spent their careers in their local defense industry or military.

Turn-key Ordnance Systems

As part of our commitment to providing customer driven solutions to a range of ordnance-related requirements.

UDC is able to offer a range of services including:

  • Spares supply, systems overhaul and establishment of in-country facilities
  • On-site training services – maintenance, overhaul and deployment
  • Sights, fire control, automatic loading and other systems upgrades, including conversion from former Warsaw Pact confi guration to NATO
  • New production ammunition and establishment of ammunition production facilities (large, medium and small caliber)

These services cover as a minimum the following weapons systems:

  • D-30 Towed Howitzer 122 mm
  • 2B11 “Sani” Mortar 120 mm
  • 2B14 “Podnos” Mortar 82 mm
  • 2S1 Self-propelled Howitzer 122 mm
  • 2S3 Self-propelled Howitzer 152 mm
  • BM-21 “Grad” MLRS 122 mm
  • 9K57 “Uragan” MLRS 220 mm