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Plane Specs

Length: 23.8 m (78.08 ft.)
Width: 29.20 m (95.80 ft.)
Height: 8.60 m (28.22 ft.)
Weight: 15,000 kg (33,069 lbs.)
Powerplant: 2 x Progress AI-24VT turbopop engines
Maximum Speed: 445 km/h (277 mph)
Maximum Range: 2,500 km (1,553 mi)
Service Ceiling: 7,500 m (24,606 ft.)

Developed form the An-24, the Antonov An-26 was built to as an airliner passenger and general transport role. Its first flight was on May 21st, 1969 and production spanned until 1986. In that time, 1,403 units were produced. Many different variants of this aircraft have emerged, although many of these aircrafts are still in active service today. The An-26 has a secondary bomber role with under-wing bomb racks. Acting in the bomber role, it was extensively used by the Sudanese Air Force during the Second Sudanese Civil War and the War in Darfur. Russian forces currently train with the An-26 as a bomber.

The An-24 was designed by the Soviet Union to thrive in the harshest of conditions found across the vast Soviet empire, particularly in the areas of the frontier that were incredibly difficult to reach. This created the need for a modified form that would gain traction and included a powered loading ramp for easy moving of cargo pallets to and from the aircraft into awaiting vehicles. As it was finalized, the An-26 stayed almost the same in terms of form and function as its predecessor, the An-24 model, in its twin-engine layout and high-wing design. The tail of the aircraft kept with the vertical single fin and low-set horizontal planes. The flight deck is placed at the front end of the short nose cone, while the cargo hold makes up a majority of the remaining interior space. The An-26 is also known by its NATO identification, “Curl-A.”

Two major variants have been developed from the An-26. The An-30 “Clank” features a redesigned nose section with extensive glazing. This variant has only been built in small numbers and typically serves in dedicated photographic and survey roles. The An-32 “Cline” replaced the An-26 in 1977 and features an Ivcyenko AI-20D Series 5 turbopops. The engines are mounted above the wing instead of below it to give it greater clearance.

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