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UDC can accommodate a vast majority of your Aeronautics needs. Stock piles of hard to find parts and rapport with OEMs give us a competitive advantage. UDC also provides aviation training solutions for fixed wing and rotary blade aircraft.

A Global Footprint

Military combat and noncombat aircraft play a crucial role in military strategy. As the demand grows for spare parts, maintenance, training and overhaul UDC is there to provide solutions for fixed wing and rotary blade aircraft. To meet the rapid delivery requirements for critical aviation supplies and services of our customers, UDC maintains OCONUS warehouse facilities for critical spare parts. UDC’s military aircraft support program provides logistics services in compliance with all US and foreign government import/export requirements. Below are some of the aeronautic support servicess we offer:

  • Aviation Lifecycle Management
  • Source Inspection and Qualification
  • On-site Quality Assurance
  • MIL STD, FAA, IAC or MIL Bureau certified spare parts supply and overhaul
  • Tools and special equipment
  • Just-in-time aviation components and assemblies
  • Aircraft overhaul, upgrade, and modernization
  • In-country air and ground crew training
  • Pilot simulator training for rotary aircraft

Aviation Systems & Support

UDC is able to provide a range of services relative to the main aircraft types in common usage throughout the world, including Mi-17/Mi-8, Mi-2, Mi-26 and Mi-24/35 helicopter types, Antonov An-12, An-24, An-26, An-32 transport aircraft and the L-39 and the Northrop F-5 Tiger II fighter/trainer aircraft. Some of the main UDC USA aviation services are listed below:

  • Helicopter and aircraft overhaul
  • Avionics suite and weapons upgrades
  • OEM aircraft spare parts supply
  • Parts repair and return to user
  • Mi-17 crew training including ICAO Level D Simulator
  • Maintenance and ground crew training programs in customer country
  • Turnkey maintenance and repair facilities for Mi-17 helicopter operators
  • Assistance in certification of Mil helicopter upgrades with the Mil Bureau

UDC USA maintains close relationships with a network of aircraft manufacturing and overhaul centers, including engine plants and OEM’s. Our history and reputation with these facilities permits UDC a delivery schedule improvement over our competitors. This in depth knowledge of the capabilities and current workload capacity of the various plants enables UDC to determine the right center to meet client budget and delivery schedule requirements.

In conjunction with dedicated warehousing storage and logistics facilities maintained in Slovakia and the United Arab Emirates, the company is able to offer a unique sourcing and delivery capability for aircraft spares to most destinations worldwide.

UDC has been successfully supplying OEM approved aviation spare parts since 2007 and is currently one of the main suppliers of aircraft spare parts under US Government programs in Afghanistan. UDC has supplied over 5,000 line items representing tens of thousands of individual aviation spare parts.

M-17 Helicopter Classroom Training Program

The Mi-17 is one of the most produced and widely used helicopters in the world. With this particular aircraft in such high demand UDC finds it imperative to offer training on this helicopter. Our goal is to exceed the learning curve by providing classroom settings, 3D Pilot Training Software and interactive full motion simulators for the Mi-17. These learning techniques can be used individually or in conjunction for a wider integrated flight training program.

In addition to Mi-17 helicopter training, UDC offers Mi-17 crew training and Mi-17 maintenance training that provide teaching modules with classroom mock-ups, models and working elements of helicopter subsystems. Training for the Mi-17/171 and Mi-25/35 subsystems are listed below:

  • Fuel system
  • Hydraulics
  • Fire suppression
  • Anti-icing
  • Pneumatic systems/landing gear
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Control Systems
  • Transmission
  • Key structural components such as airframe, engine, main gear box and landing gear

M-17 Training Software

Programmed to provide either classroom or self-directed study to a high level of understanding of the aircraft, our Mi-17 Pilot Training Software was created to ensure all pilots, mechanics, and helicopter technicians are fully trained in the handling of every aspect of the helicopter and its flight procedures. This software walks trainees through every process from start to shutdown, including emergency and malfunction procedures. The emphasis is on clear 3D graphics to create situations in which the trainee can manipulate and view each individual system to see the real-time inner workings of the helicopter and how the machinery reacts to pilot controls inputs.

Included in the Mi-17 Pilot Training Software:

  • Flight Manuals
  • Full Instruction Sets for Normal Procedures
  • Emergency and Malfunction Procedures
  • Technical Descriptions and Plans
  • Self-Administered Tests

The combination of these educational elements creates a training environment in which trainees are given the opportunity to virtually and comprehensively work through every aspect of the flight. Proficiency, refresher, and transition testing is also available to ensure their understanding of the course materials before experiencing it in the real world. The 3D modeling of the training software offers a comprehensive look at the individual systems and workings of the Mi-17 helicopter, while also allowing for a real-time view of gauges and their movements in actual flight. After completing these courses, pilots will be confident in their management and knowledge of the machine with which they are working.

Helicopter technicians and mechanics also benefit from the Mi-17 Pilot Training Software. It creates a training environment in which every mechanical system can be virtually deconstructed for a thorough understanding of the machinery and technology with which they are working. Technicians can hone in on areas and systems that they find to be challenging in the field to update and improve their servicing skills with detailed simulations of the interactions and components of the helicopter. Overall knowledge of the full workings of the helicopter may also be tested to increase helicopter technician proficiency.

**Training materials for any helicopter subsystem not listed can be prepared upon request**