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9M113 Konkurs (AT-5 Spandrel)

Weapon Specs

Weight: 14.6 kg (32 lbs.)
Length: 1,150 mm (45 in)
Diameter: 135 mm
Warhead: 2.7 kg (6.0 lbs.) 9N131 HEAT
Detonation Mechanism: Contact
Engine: Solid-fuel rocket
Operational Range: 4 km (2.5 mi)
Speed: 200 m/s
Guidance: Wire-Guided SACLOS

The 9M113 Konkurs is a SACLOS anti-tank, wire-guided missile developed by the Soviet Union. The missile’s GRAU designation is “9M113” and its NATO reporting name is AT-5 Spandrel. Introduced in 1977, this weapon is the equivalent of the United States’ TOW missile. It is the first of the second generation of air-to-ground missiles developed by the Soviet Union.

This model is similar to the Fagot and the Spigot in most respects, as its launch tube is of a similar shape and has similar dimensions. However, the 9M113 is considerably heavier and is fitted with a blowout cap at the front and is flared at the rear. Five 9M113 Konkurs may be carried on the transversable mount that is located just behind the two front cupolas of the BRDM-2 vehicle. The bowed hatch located in the middle of the roof immediately behind the launcher could be used to allow the mount to be folded into the hull to provide armored protection for crewmembers. It is estimated that an additional ten-reload missiles can be carried inside the vehicle as well. Similar in appearance to the periscope on the AT-4, a rotatable optical sighting and tracking periscope is mounted on the gunner’s hatch on the right front of the vehicle roof.

Unlike the AT-4 Spigot, the 9M113 is intended only for use on vehicles. Currently, the Russian Army uses the BRDM-2 variant for either carrying the 9M113, but it has also been mounted atop the turret of the BMP M1981 variant. This weapon was intended to replace all vehicle-mounted Swatter and Sagger missiles, but the collapse of the Soviet Union made this impossible.

Since its inception, a wide variety of countries have begun to recognize the anti-armor qualities of the 9M113. These include Egypt, Poland, Finland, India, Georgia, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Indonesia, and Georgia.

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