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Mortar Specs

Caliber: 120mm
Weight: 210 kg (460 lbs.)
Shell: HE, smoke, illuminating, incendiary
Carriage: 2F510 2×1 wheeled transport chassis, GAZ-66 4×4 truck
Rate of Fire: 15 rpm

The 2B11 120mm “Sani” (Sleigh) mortar was developed by the Soviet Union in 1981 as a replacement for the World War II-era 120mm Model 1943 series. Its basic design was based upon the Model 1943 and included features such as improved engagement ranges, tactical flexibility, improved transportability, and lowered operating weight. These improvements also allowed the number of crew members to be decreased from six to five. After the fall of the Soviet Empire in 1991, the Russian Army absorbed the weapon in its ranks. Other countries that employ the 2B11 120mm mortar include Azerbaijan, Georgia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Egypt.

Taking on the conventional field mortar form, the 2B11 is made up of a launch tube, bipod assembly, baseplate, and an MPM-44M optics set. A two-wheeled carriage with rubber tires is the preferred mode of transportation for the 2B11, as it allows for quick transport and displacement under defense conditions. The total system weighs 460 pounds. An experienced crew can fire approximately 15 rounds per minute in sustained fire, with a minimum engagement range of 0.30 miles and a maximum of 4.46 miles.

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