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Mortar Specs

Weight: 144.7 kg (319 lbs.)
Caliber: 120mm
Rate of Fire: 16 rpm
Feed: Single-shot, reusable
Firing Range: 7,239 m (23,750 ft.)
Action: Smoothbore, Muzzle-Loading

Adopted for use by the United States Army in 1991, the 120mm M120 mortar system is the Israeli Soltam K6 120mm heavy field mortar. This weapon retains the same for am function as its Israeli counterpart. The 120mm M120 Mortar is transported via the M1100-series trailer due to its enormous size and weight. The vehicle-mounted forms of the M120 are known as the M121. The M326 MSS (Mortar Stowage System) is another form of the M21 that is vehicle-mounted and designed to feature a quick-release function so that the weapon could be settled on terrain in short order.

The 120mm M120 mortar consists of the launch tube, baseplate, bipod support, and optics. It is a muzzle-fed weapon, meaning the impact upon an awaiting pin actuates the projectile’s launch process. A trained crew may fire up to 16 rounds per minute at maximum with four rounds in sustained actions. A typical crew consists of five personnel members. The 120mm M120 mortar’s firing range can reach out to a maximum of approximately 7, 223 meters. Although the total system weighs in at 320 pounds, it is thought of as a lightweight “heavy” battlefield weapon, as it is still much lighter than most field artillery pieces.

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