Universal Electronic Gun Sights (UEGS-UDC)

The UDC Electronic Gun Sight (UEGS UDC) is designed to replace the conventional mechanical vertical sight and provide an easy to use and accurate means of laying an artillery weapon in the vertical plane, as well as providing correction for any lateral displacement in the trunnion axis. Originally designed for use with the D30 howitzer, the sight can be configured for use on any artillery weapon.

The device is housed in a single unit, which contains information both display and control elements, and is fitted to the gun using a universal mounting placed in a convenient location for the gunner. The unit is then adjusted before deployment in much the same way as a conventional sight, with further such adjustment being carried out as part of the mandatory maintenance procedure for the weapon to which it is attached.

A display backlight is adjusted automatically according to the ambient light available, and the software incorporates a “Sleep mode” in the event of an interruption to activity of longer than five minutes.

The illustrations below show the UEGS-UDC mounted on a D30 122mm howitzer and 152mm gun 2A346 in firing mode.

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