Universal Ballistic Computer (UBC)

Universal Ballistic Computer


The Universal Ballistic Computer was developed by UDC in response to a user requirement for a portable, rapid and accurate fire direction computer. Originally developed for and in use with the D-30 howitzer, the indirect fire computer can be configured for any artillery system — former Warsaw Pact or NATO.




Universal Ballistic Computer

Advantages of the Universal Ballistic Computer include:

  • The hand-held Universal Ballistic Computer unit is highly portable, ruggedized to mil spec, and operates on a Windows based platform.
  • It completely removes need for fi ring tables and complex manual calculations.
  • The system gives easy to follow on-screen prompts for data – results available in seconds, with very little training.
  • The artillery ballistic computer output delivers accurate a data iming within 20m of target. (field tested on D-30 122mm howitzer)
  • It can be linked to weather data and muzzle velocity chronometer.
  • The system is extremely flexible and can be configured for virtually any artillery system including mortars.
  • The computers input and output language can be changed to meet buyer’s requirements.
  • It operates with both NATO 6400 mil and Warsaw 6000 mil calibrated sighting devices and will accept
    map references in either Western UTM cartographic system or Eastern SK42.
  • It provides the optimum solution for artillery units seeking to reduce training time, improve deployment
    efficiency and accuracy, and save cost.

Field Artillery is imperative to controlling the operational environment. UDC’s portable Universal Ballistic Computer relieves training challenges, significantly reduces user error and eliminates the need for time consuming manual calculations in the field.