Mi-17 Sling Load


Sling system is intended for transportation of D-30 howitzer by means of helicopter external transport system with capacity of 4+ tons. Maximum capacity of external load system is 16 tons. Maximum transportation speed is 200 km/h.

Sling system consists of four soft chain-links with fastening components, which secure the links to the helicopter’s vital components – two front components ВКИБ.10-17141.00, two rear components ВКИБ.10-17142.00 and a metal bar ВКИБ.14-17145.00 to provide right placement of the system itself, transported unit and fastening components between the sling system and helicopter external transport system.

Together with sling system stabilizing parachute (SP) is applied to prevent rotation and ensure stabilized positioning of the transported unit. SP is secured to the carriage in certain position by a soft chain-link ВКИБ.10-17140.00 and put into operation during the load lifting, when the helicopter gets off the ground.