New Technologies

Cognizant of the ever increasing demand for innovation in the twenty-first century, UDC is positioning itself at the forefront of defense technology development in the security and defense sector.

Closely allied to a number of research institutes, UDC is ideally placed to bring the latest upgrades and improvements to weapon systems, radars and tactical software to its clients.

These institutes are producing truly innovative mission critical technology products which have widespread application throughout the world and in particular to established users of former Warsaw Pact equipment.

With access to this defense research and development capacity, UDC has been able to develop the Universal Ballistic Computer (formally adopted for training and field deployment by Coalition artillery mentors in Afghanistan) and the new UDC EGS, both of which can be configured for use with any field artillery system. Other products to be released in the near future are a semi-automatic loading machine for use with the D-30 howitzer and a sling loading system to allow the D-30 howitzer to be carried under a helicopter.

UDC provides a gateway to mission critical technologies and provides creative input to ensure that the end product properly meets customer needs.