Indirect Fire System (UNBLIND)


The Universal Ballistic Level Fire Indirect System is designed to provide battery commanders with an interactive network disseminating real time informational updates essential to rapid and efficient artillery fire direction.

As the universal name suggests, the system can be utilized for any field artillery system, including MLRS and mortars, using NATO or former Warsaw pact angle measurement systems, and using any mapping system.

The  portable Universal Ballistic Computer hand held unit from which this battery level artillery fire system has been developed is a tried and tested system adopted by NATO mentors in Afghanistan and accepted into Afghan Army service.


Screen displays can be configured for local languages at buyer’s option.

The automatic fire direction system comprises a battery commander’s (or Gun Position Officer’s) handheld computer. It contains position sensors attached to each gun, and a tablet computer for each gun commander. Linked by a wireless network the battery commander receives gun position data from the sensors, and after inputting target and other relevant mission data, is then able to issue gun setting and fire commands to the individual gun commander’s tablet computer units, creating a efficient and effective automated fire mission.

This automatic  simultaneous information exchange over a wireless network removes the need for oral communication between the battery commander and individual gun crews and exponentially improves quality and quantity of information flow. This includes gun specific information such as

  • Gun grid coordinates
  • Quantity and type of ammunition held
  • Ballistic characteristics of ammunition
  • Charge temperature
  • Quadrant elevation
  • Deflection
  • Gun ready/ not ready for firing

The battery level fire direction system also stores and updates all relevant tactical battlefield information:

  • Target co-ordinates
  • Total ammunition stocks
  • Meteorological information
  • Battlefield alerts and signals
  • Personnel numbers and equipment

The gun setting is calculated by the battery commander using an enhanced version of UDC’s Universal Ballistic Computer, which was developed to replace all of the complex manual calculations associated with indirect fire settings with simple computer input. The setting appropriate for each gun is then displayed on each individual gun computer, and, once the settings have been established by the gun crew, sensors detect the horizontal and vertical coordinates and acknowledge to the commander that the gun is in firing position. Fire orders are then transmitted to gun crews over the network.


Once firing commences the  artillery fire system logs rate of fire and expenditure of ammunition, thereby assisting with logistical control of ammunition stocks.

Additionally, because information/ command data transmitted over the network is completely electronic, everything can be monitored, logged and reviewed, providing invaluable data for post-mission analysis.

System elements:

  • The system comprises the following as a minimum for each battery (quantities may be increased to meet user requirements):
  • 1 x battery commander hand-held computer
  • Up to 8 x tablet computers – one for each gun commander
  • Up to 8 x gun position sensors, including new digital vertical sights
  • Network communications/radio link equipment
  • 1 x  portable weather station.
  • All computers use standard Windows operating systems with UDC proprietary software.

Horizontal Sensor                                                  Digital Vertical Sight With Radio Link

ausco 2 ausco 3

For more information about the Universal Battery Level Fire Direction System, download our flyer.