Military Support & Mentoring


In Afghanistan, UDC has been credited for running an ANSF mentoring program “as it should be run.”
UDC has provided maintenance and overhaul services, training and mentoring to the ANSF at a UDC
established facility located in Kabul. UDC’s security assistance training hands on approach has seen successful
results with a diverse student body and across a wide range of potential instructional hurdles derived from
varied experience, educational and cultural backgrounds.

We Provide the following items with our military technical training services:

  • Premises design and confi guration
  • Special tools and equipment
  • Zip kits (BII) 1:1, 1:6, 1:18
  • Training personnel, highly skilled & experienced
  • Training and OEM documentation in Dari, Russian and/or English
  • Spares parts support and logistics
  • Technological advances and upgrades
  • Bi-lingual management staff and translators
  • Ammunition from existing government stock or new production

UDC is capable of providing training and mentoring services on short notice for any weapon system designed
for or deployed in the former Warsaw Pact military.