Weapons, Accessories, and Parts

UDC brings years of knowledge and experience managing and delivering foreign/non-standard weapons, accessories, and parts to the US and overseas locations in support of the US Government and our allies around the world. Our defense focused key personnel and extensive global footprint ensures each program and supplier is managed efficiently and effectively, providing the best possible quality products delivered on time, meeting and exceeding the customer expectations.

  • AK-47 and AKM Variants
  • AK-74 Variants
  • PK Machine Gun Variants
  • Heckler and Koch G-3 (Germany)
  • FN FAL (Belgium)
  • MGL
  • MG3
  • RPK
  • DShK
  • Dragunov SVD/TIGR
  • 9mm Pistols
  • CZ-52 Tolarev Pistol (Czech Republic)
  • Makarov PM
  • RPG
  • RPG-7
  • NSV Machine Gun
  • SPG-9 Recoilless Gun
  • Yak-B 12.7mm Machine Gun
  • Shotguns
  • 82mm Mortar

UDC currently holds a non-standard weapon Blanket Ordering Agreement (BOA) with the US Government for a complete list of foreign/non-standard small and medium caliber weapon systems.small caliber weapon

UDC was recently awarded a contract under the US Government non-standard weapon BOA for providing TIGR weapon systems.