Foreign Threat Systems

UDC is an exclusive provider of systems, subsystems, and related military equipment that represent Foreign Threats Systems ranging from fully mission capable weapon systems to non-operational ancillary components. Foreign Threat systems include T-72 Tanks, BMP Fighting Systems, D-20 Howitzers, SA-8 Surface-to-air missile systems.

  • T-72 Tanks
  • BMP Fighting Vehicles
  • D-20 Howitzers
  • Add items from FBO not already listed
  • SA-8 Surface-to-air missile systems

UDC currently holds a Foreign Threat Systems Blanket Purchasing Agreement (BPA) with the US Government for providing fully mission capable and/or non-operational ancillary components.

UDC delivered D-20 152mm Howitzers to White Sands New Mexico under prime contract

foreign threat systems

Our key personnel and industry experts identify the most capable manufactures, from assembled weapon systems down to the spare parts and accessories required for fielding. Each manufacturer is carefully vetted to confirm their manufacturing and quality standards are aligned with our expectations and customer requirements. At UDC, we always ensure the same high standards are maintained with our supplier base.