Vehicles, Powertrains, and Spare Parts

Equipped with manufacturing facilities in the US and overseas, UDC has the strategic presence, key personnel, and industry expertise to successfully source and deliver new manufacturing, repair, refurbishment, and overhauled foreign military vehicle parts.

  • T-60 Tank
  • M1 MBT
  • T-72 MBT
  • MT-LB
  • SA-6
  • 2S1 System
  • ZSU-23-4
  • HEMTT Trucks
  • M-900 Trucks
  • M-35 Trucks
  • FMTV Trucks
  • ZIL Trucks
  • URAL Trucks
  • KRAZ Trucks
  • P-40 Trucks
  • MAZ Trucks

Partnering with only certified OEMs and qualified sources in Ukraine, Russia, and Eastern Europe has always ensured our parts meet all form, fit, and performance requirements of the original Soviet designers and manufacturers. Our full time employees overseas are true subject matter experts, having spent their careers in their local defense industry or military.

UDC successful overhaul and delivery of 110 BMP Fighting Vehicles to Iraq

 foreign military vehicles