Artillery and Ammunition

Our staff has been intimately involved in artillery weapon and ammunition qualification and support programs for standard and non-standard artillery weapon systems. Our key personnel are world leaders in engineering modifications and system improvements that have resulted in the successful fielding of weapon and ammunition systems currently used in the US inventory.

  • Key leadership from US 120mm Mortar System qualification
  • Experienced In-Country D-30 Howitzer Artillery Trainers and Mentors
  • Delivery and program support of over 300 Universal Ballistic Computers for Howitzers
  • Proven design assistances for conversion of traditional ammunition to insensitive munitions compliant solutions
  • Complete system integration management staff in the US and overseas
  • Proven rapid fielding of indirect weapon systems, Basic Issue Items, and support structure
  • Engineering knowledge and past performance for 120mm mortar and D-30 howitzer improvements

 UDC delivered the D-30 122mm Howitzer to the Afghan National Army

artillery and ammunition expertise