Crew Served Weapons

Crew Served Weapon Systems

UDC has the global footprint, industry experts, and key partnerships to source, manufacture, and deliver foreign/non-standard weapons, vehicles, accessories, and spare parts to any location around the world.

 Land Based Military Products and Services

  • Key source of foreign/non-standard small, medium, and large caliber weapon systems, accessories, and spare parts
  • Proven provider for refurbishment and repair of foreign military vehicles, powertrains, parts, and accessories
  • Complete systems solution for artillery weapons, ammunition, aiming equipment, ballistic computers, training/mentoring, and maintenance support
  • Exclusive access to functional and non-functional foreign threat systems

UDC has a successful history of sourcing, delivering, and maintaining Land Based Crew Served Weapon Systems for the US Government and our customers around the world.

  • Refurbishment and delivery of D-30 122mm Howitzers to Afghanistan
  • Refurbishment and delivery of D-20 152mm Howitzers to White Sands NM
  • Converted and delivered 204 PAB-2M NATO standard aiming circles to Afghanistan
  • Overhauled and delivered 110 BMP-1 and BMP-1K to Iraq
  • Programed, delivered, and currently supporting over 300 Universal Ballistic Computers to Afghanistan

Extensive Global Footprint – Our strategic locations in the US, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East provide access to a wide range of OEM and authorized sources of foreign/non-standard weapons and military vehicle systems

Former Soviet Era Industry Experts – UDC personnel include industry experts, engineers, and officers from the former Soviet Union and Ukrainian militaries ranks

Key Partners – UDC has formal authorization to procure defense articles from the Governments of Russia, Ukraine, and Slovakia, permitting full access to OEMs and authorized sources of Soviet designed weapons and ammunition.

UDC is fully registered with all certifications and permits necessary to manufacture, repair, refurbish, maintain, and import foreign defense articles

  • Federal Firearms License with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
  • Brokers’ and Manufacturer/Exporter Registrations issued by the Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC)
  • DDTC Registration as an Importer of US Munitions Import List Articles
  • SAM registered American Owned Small Business to bid directly on US Government contracts