Logistics, Maintenance and Supply

UDC defense logistics specialists bring years of knowledge and experience managing and delivering foreign/non-standard weapons and ammunition, accessories, and parts to CONUS and OCONUS locations in support of the US Government and our allies around the world.

Our extensive defense system supply gives UDC a global footprint. Our key personnel have secured close relationships and formal approval to procure Soviet designed weapons and ammunition from Russia, Ukraine, and throughout the Eastern European supply base.

  • Non-standard aviation spare parts supply and overhaul services
  • Land based, airborne, and crew served weapon systems
  • Wide range of Direct and Indirect Fire Ammunition Spare parts and logistics support
  • NATO/Warsaw Pact weapon system adaptations and conversions for artillery and mortar systems
  • Formal Approval with Russian, Ukrainian, and Slovak Governments for access to weapons and ammunition manufacturing base
  • State Department and ATF registered/licensed


Defense Logistics Specialists

UDC is a leader in defense logistics support, managing and delivering foreign/non-standard weapons and
equipment from key sources in Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe