MicroNet SkyScan DFS

Designed for the detection and localization of terminals standards GSM / UMTS / CDMA for the needs of search and rescue operations, border control, coast guard, intelligence and covert retrieval service safety measures and the police.

The Main Advantages of the Carrier (Airplane)

  • High speed – up to 400 km / h, which provides a fast delivery system in the search area.
  • The long duration of the flight – up to 9-10 hours, it provides a wide range of actions. R max = 1,000 km
  • Low-cost flight hours (not more than $ 150USD / h)
  • Multiple use of the aircraft.

Special On-Board Equipment MicroNet SkyScan DFS

  • Detection of targets – terminals (phones) standard GSM 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS 2100, CDMA One/2000)
  • Capture and determine the direction and distance to the target
  • Automatic photographing targets on the ground and determine the coordinates of up to 50 meters (at h = 400 .. 450 m)
  • Automatic collection of identifiers of mobile terminals in cellular networks during the flight with reference to the coordinates
  • Automatic transfer of current information about the goals to the ground control. (channels GSM / THURAYA / IRIDIUM)
  • Stable control system and an infrared imager video review (optional)

structure micronet

 The main characteristics of airborne complex MicroNet SkyScan DFS

Models of complex GSM/Euro/MIX
MicroNet SkyScan DFS GSM GSM 850/900/1800/1900
MicroNet SkyScan DFS Euro GSM 900/1800 UMTS2100
MicroNet SkySkan DFS MIX GSM / CDMA 1x,EV-DO
Detection range From 2 to 20 km
The positional accuracy (at 400-450 m  flight) Up to 50 m
The accuracy of the azimuth of the target DF 5 deg
Accuracy of target range +/- 250 m
Output RF power per channel from 0.2 to 4 W
Acquisition speed idenifikatorov mobile terminals  Up to 420 per min
The total weight of equipment 27 kg
Power supply 12/24 V DC 175W


For more information about the MicroNet SkyScan DFS, download our flyer.

Aircraft Specifications

Length Overall 20′
Height 7′ 9″
Wheel Base 110″
Track Width 80″
Wingspan 31′
Canard Span 188″
Main Wing Area 122.5 Sq Ft
Canard Wing Area 22.8 Sq Ft
Total Wing Area 145 Sq Ft
Empty Weight 1700 lbs
Suggested Gross Wt 2800 lbs
Useful Load 1100 lbs
Standard Fuel Qty 70 gals (93 opt)
Wing Loading at Gross 19.31 lb/sq ft
Design Load Factors +9/-7 G-Load
Tested Airframe Load +6 G-Load
Cabin W/L/H 47.5″ x 94″ x 43.5″
Seating 2+2
Engine Cont. TSIO-550-C
Takeoff Distance 1300 ft
Rate of Climb (@ sea level) 1600 fpm
Landing Distance 1500 ft
Cruise Speed @ 75% Pwr 250 ktas @FL250
Vne 200 kias
Ceiling 25,000ft+
Range at 65% Power 1250 nm
Minimum Speed 65 kts
Landing Speed 75 kts