Fixed Wing Flight Training Programs

UDC recently succeeded in establishing an OCONUS flight training program at the State Flight Academy of Ukraine in Kirovograd and is working closely with the Ukrainian government. In addition to providing and supporting the training aircraft, this fixed wing pilot training program offers mentoring to foreign students from across the globe in both Russian and English syllabi. Below are details of the Flight Academy Training program:

  • State Flight Academy identifies and accepts aviation career oriented candidates from around the globe for flight training, overhaul, and maintenance programs
  • OCONUS Flight training program requirements are similar to Federal Aviation Regulations Part 141
  • Flight School curriculum focuses on advancing students rapidly from initial flight introduction to successful commercial rating utilizing intensive hands on fixed wing flight training
  • Multi-lingual course syllabi


OCONUS Flight Training                        Fixed Wing Flight Training

UDC recognized an opportunity to advance commercial aviation in Ukraine based on limited organic resources and management in Eastern Europe. By mobilizing UDC owned C-172 aircrafts from the US, Ukrainian trained flight instructors, and maintenance technicians, UDC has instituted a flight training program to assist the State Flight Academy of Ukraine.

The State Flight Academy of Ukraine, loaded with an abundance of aviation students, lacked the financing, resources, and management to successfully train the increased volume of aviation career minded students. UDC assisted by supplying training aircraft and instructors, and setting up a commercial rating flight training program in cooperation with the State Flight Academy capable of training 90 students annually.

Our successes of mobilizing and managing in Ukraine with a UDC team has led to the State Flight Academy requesting greater participation so we can increase our training capacities beyond the current 90 students annually. In response to the academy’s request, we are in the process of purchasing additional aircraft and hiring a greater number of qualified instructors to meet the increased demands.