Aircraft Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping

UDC established RUD Aero Ltd in 2011 in Sebastian, Florida, strategically positioned near Cape Canaveral to access the veteran engineering base of NASA and the United Space Alliance. Employing a workforce of 25 employees, RUD Aero specializes in rapid aircraft prototype development and composite aircraft manufacturing. UDC USA has full access to the extensive composite engineering and superior rapid prototyping capabilities of Rud Aero for defense applications.

  • Successfully manufactured RA-2 prototype in less than 1 year
  • Fully aerobatic aircraft designed to handle +/-26G ultimate loads
  • Tandem pilot configuration for advanced aerobatic and military training
  • All in-house carbon fiber fabrication
  • Modular wing and engine design provides mission interchangeability
  • 35,000 ft2 production facility for carbon fiber fabrication
  • 17,000 ft2 final assembly hanger on Sebastian Airport
  • UAV prototypes evolving to meet surveillance, aerial target, and internal cargo delivery capabilities
  • Specializing in 3-D CAD design and rapid prototyping
  • Rapid prototyping using PAR System 5-Axis Mill with 40’ X 15’ X 8’ Window